Dark Prophecies Card Game

A competitive cultist card game
2-4 Players30-45 minutesCompetitive130+ CardsSimultaneous play
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About the Game

In Dark Prophecies you play as cultists working to ensure a prophecy comes to pass. When it does, the new dark master it heralds will reward those who served most faithfully.

The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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A New Prophecy Every Game

Three verses are drawn every game to form a complete prophecy.

When Wells Run Red
If the Chalice is Filled
A New Ruler Will Be Born

Plot Dark Deeds to Advance the Prophecy

Acquire goals such as Cultivate a Coven or Steal the Martyr's Chalice. Use cards and abilities to add cards these Dark Deeds, marking progress.

Complete a Dark Deed by adding enough cards to it. Completing Dark Deeds gains you points and other benefits.

Decipher Your Grimoires of Dark Magic

Each centers around a specific type of black wizardy.

Blood MagicBlood Magic

Grimoires Unlock Card Abilities

As you level up your Grimoires, matching Arcana cards will do more when played.

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